Oceans Action Day at COP 23

Oceans Action Day at COP 23, 11 November 2017, Bonn, Germany

At the COP 23, the oceans community will address progress in action on the most pressing topics related to climate change and reflect on the diverse efforts of the ocean community to find and implement swift solutions. The COP 23 Oceans Action Day will focus on action on the ground and showcase lessons learned, best practices and recommendations for replication and upscaling of successful experiences, documenting information useful for the Facilitative Dialogue in 2018.

Following a high-level opening plenary, a series of parallel sessions will be held under the leadership of partner organizations. A closing plenary will summarize the lessons learned of the Day and will build on three main avenues by which the Ocean Stream can contribute towards the successful implementation of the Paris Agreement:

  • concrete actions and commitments with a special attention to SIDS;
  • linkages of actions with NDCs and their implementation and revision process; and
  • specific requirements for capacity building.

ROCA is a collaborating partner in the organization and conduct of Oceans Action Day at COP 23.

Summary of Oceans Action Day at COP 23

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ROCA report, Assessing Progress on Ocean and Climate Action: 2016-2017

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