ROCA Reports under preparation in 2017

  1. Production of the first Annual Report on Measuring Progress on Oceans and Climate Action. This report reviews major developments taking place on each of major 6 themes discussed above from a global perspective. The report will be submitted as a contribution to the UNFCCC Yearbook on Climate Change Action. ROCA report, Assessing Progress on Ocean and Climate Action: 2016-2017
  2. Review of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) submitted by SIDS and other coastal nations that have included oceans and coasts in their NDCs to determine how these can be supported and realized, and preparation of a guide for nations on the inclusion and consideration of oceans and coasts in their national climate plans.
  3. Development of a Financial Tracking Mechanism to track and report on public and private investments on the major oceans and climate issues.
  4. Development of a Knowledge Management/Clearinghouse Mechanism to capture and exchange knowledge and best practices in the various topic areas (e.g., Mitigation, Adaptation, Blue Economy, Displacement, Financing, Capacity Development).